Like a mermaid: Sea salt products for gorgeous skin

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It’s okay to be salty (about skin care).


The benefits of sea salt on your skin

Salt has so many uses beyond the kitchen. For example, when used as a bath soak, salt can help relieve inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, flush out toxins, and relieve stress. Sea salt works great as an exfoliating ingredient that removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother and softer.


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Exfoliation is important because dead skin cells clog pores, causing your skin to have a dull texture and prevent it from fully absorbing the ingredients in your skin care products. Using sea salt as a scrub promotes cell renewal, cleanses pores, and therefore helps your skin absorb the nutrients from your creams and serums, maximizing their efficacy.


Sea salt face wash: Innisfree Sea Salt Purifying Cleansers

Because of its natural antibacterial property (salt is traditionally used to clean wounds and preserve foods), salt can help keep acne-causing bacteria on your face in check and prevent future acne breakouts. Innisfree has 3 types of cleansers that you can choose from to suit your skin’s needs.


  • Sea Salt Jelly Cleanser (20% salt): This is a jelly cleanser packed with Jeju sea salt that foams up (no salt grains). It has a lot of moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and herbal extracts to leave your skin feeling moist and hydrated even after cleansing. Great option for those with dry skin or if you don’t like the tight feeling that most drug store cleansers give.


  • Sea Salt Whipping Cleanser (30% salt): The happy medium in the cleanser series: a cleanser that has a whipped cream texture. This cleanser contains similar ingredients as the jelly cleanser and also doesn’t have salt grains. It is a good option for anyone who has normal, combination, or oily skin.


  • Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser (40% salt): Your classic exfoliating foaming face scrub cleanser with real salt grains that dissolves when massaged onto face with water for a gentle exfoliation. This cleanser works for all skin types, and we recommend using this at least once a week along with either the Jelly Cleanser or the Whipping Cleanser for best result.


Sea Salt Toner: Innisfree Moisture-Volumizing Toner with Lava Seawater

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This toner is from the Innisfree Lava Seawater line, notable for the high concentration of sea water in its formulation (up to 84.5% of lava sea water from Jeju Island, South Korea). Packed with up to 18 natural minerals derived from a rich volcanic bedrock, this toner gives your skin the extra hydration it needs to maintain the natural moisture barrier. The fact that it is hydrating without containing occlusive ingredients makes this seawater toner a great choice for those with oily skin or fungal acne. Use the toner after cleansing and before moisturizing your face. Boom, now that’s an easy routine for beautiful skin.


Sea salt night cream: Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Cream

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A highly moisturizing gel cream with extra anti-aging ingredients that is suitable for all skin types, especially combination-dry and/or dehydrated skin. It contains ceramides and Jeju lava sea water, so you get to reap the benefits of all the minerals and micro-nutrients (such as sea weed and algae) in addition to the salt. Among the ingredients you can also find squalane, (repairs your skin’s natural moisture barrier), adenosine (anti-aging), orchid flower extract (firming), and green tea extract (great antioxidant; read more about green tea benefits here). Best of all, there’s no parabens, animal products, synthetic colors, mineral oil, imidazolidinyl urea, or synthetic fragrance.


Sea salt face spray: Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Mist


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From the same Innisfree Lava Seawater as the night cream above, this face mist contains all the minerals and micronutrients from the sea in addition to the herbal extracts (camellia, orchid, green tea). No parabens, synthetic colors, mineral oil, imidazolidinyl urea, animal products, or synthetic fragrance. Give your face a quick spritz whenever you feel like your skin needs extra hydration throughout the day.


Sea salt day cream: Elizavecca Milky Piggy Sea Salt Cream

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A simple, no-frills day cream that’s good for all skin types, especially those with combination skin, oily skin, or sensitive skin. This face cream is free of harsh ingredients like parabens, ethanol, animal derived oil, mineral oil, and benzophenon. It contains sea salt and collagen, and has a jelly-like texture that quickly absorb into your skin, giving you a boost of hydration.


Sea salt mask: Tosowoong Sheet Masks in Deep Sea Water (10 pieces)



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If you have dehydrated or dry skin, try using this mask every two days and feel the difference. This Tosowoong sheet mask contains pure sea water extract, which is full of salt and minerals that moisturize your skin, making it softer and plumper. In addition, this mask also contains adenosine and niacinamide, both of which are known for brightening pigmentation or acne scars, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory benefits. As a bonus for those with acne-prone or sensitive skin: the mask does contain allantoin, which is anti-inflammatory and reduces redness, and therefore can be quite soothing for your skin.


Salt Scrub Body Wash: The Saem URBAN DELIGHT Body Salt Scrub Wash

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We love multi-tasking products here at Skin Inspo. There just isn’t enough time in the day for 10-step routine every day, y’know? Imagine our delight when one of our editors found out about this salt scrub body wash. Like the name said, it doubles as a scrub and body wash, so you can clean yourself and exfoliate in the shower in one step. Containing guérande salt that has been harvested from the Guérande salt marshes in France, this scrub/body wash buffs away dead skin cells and nourishes your skin with citrus essential oil. Just massage it all over your body, rinse with water, and marvel at how soft your skin becomes after the shower!


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